Wrap a magazine gift subscription - frame it

5 More Ways to Creatively Wrap Your Magazine Gift Subscription

If you’re still not quite sure how to present that magazine gift subscription this year after our last post on the topic, here are five more simple and creative ways to say, “Get ready for the gift that keeps on giving.”

1. Piggy bank it. Pick up a piggy bank and a single issue of the gift magazine at a store. Remove the magazine cover and fold or roll it so it fits into the coin slot of the piggy bank and sticks up through it.

Wrap a magazine gift subscription - piggy bank

2. Create a snowman. Purchase the current copy of your gift magazine at your local newsstand. Roll the magazine longways and wrap white tissue paper around it. Place two rubber bands one-third of the way from top and bottom, and decorate it like a snowman.

Wrap a magazine gift subscription - create a snowman

3. Inspire a good year. Pick up three or four fragrant votive candles and a copy of the magazine you’re giving as a subscription. Roll the magazine into a tube and secure with tape. Place a couple pieces of tape across the diameter of the bottom of the cylinder. Stack the candles in the rolled up magazine and wrap in a wine bottle gift bag.

Wrap a magazine gift subscription - inspire a good year

4. Show off your good taste. Line a cookie tin or basket with festive tissue paper or parchment paper. Wrap a handful each of walnuts and apricots in plastic wrap and tie with a ribbon. Arrange a wedge of artisan cheese with the nuts and fruit and top with a note card announcing the magazine subscription.

Wrap a magazine gift subscription - good taste

5. Frame it up. Pick up a picture frame ornament. Then print a cover of the magazine you’ve given from magazines.com and insert it into the frame. This way you give two gifts in one – a frame they can use right away and a subscription they’ll enjoy all year long.

Wrap a magazine gift subscription - frame it

Try these tips or come up with your own unique ways to present a magazine gift subscription this year. And remember, though the presentation is important, the best part about this gift is that the recipient gets to open the mailbox to more gifts from you all year long.

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