5 Holiday Crafts From Recycled Magazines

Rather than tossing your old magazines this year, put them to use with these five craft ideas that show off your creativity and your resourcefulness.

Don’t throw that stack of magazines into the recycling bin just yet. As the holidays approach, put that pile to good (and creative) use with these five crafts made entirely from recycled magazines. Grab some scissors and a glue stick and the rest of these around-the-house supplies, turn on a movie and set to work creating holiday cheer from your favorite magazines.

Merry Magnets

Merry magnets 01

For these friendly little fridge magnets, gather the following supplies: a magazine, scissors, glue, clear glass stones (available for $1 a bag at Dollar Tree) and magnets.

Merry magnets 02

First, place a stone over a fun design on the magazine page, and then cut around the stone to make a small circle of paper that will go behind the glass.

Merry magnets 03

Next, put glue on the back of the stone, and glue on the circular paper (I recommend using rubber cement). Then, use a strong adhesive or glue gun to glue the magnet to the back of the paper, and voila! Once it dries, you have a personalized fridge or chalkboard magnet. Also consider doing letter magnets for small children learning how to spell or photo magnets for extended family gifts.

Merry magnets 04

Merry magnets 05

Recycled Gift Bows

Recycled gift bows 01

These gift bows are extremely fun to make because you can infuse your own style into the traditional look while adding a pop of color not usually seen in store-bought bows. For this project, you will need the following supplies: a magazine, scissors and brads.

Recycled gift bows 02

First, turn the magazine page horizontal and cut lines straight up and down until the page is in strips.

Recycled gift bows 03

The next part seems a bit tricky, but once you do it one or two times successfully, you’ll have the entire craft mastered. Loop the paper into a figure eight and put a brad through the middle.

Recycled gift bows 04

Once you’ve mastered the figure eight, continue to make those and add them to the bottom of the bow, and it will continue to fill out until it looks like a complete gift bow. I generally use about six strips for each one.

Recycled gift bows 05

Recycled gift bows 06

Reader’s Digest Christmas Tree

Reader's Digest Christmas tree 01

For this project, all you need is a copy of a small magazine like Reader’s Digest and a little time. You could also choose to spray paint the tree once it’s finished to make it look a little more festive. The first step is ripping off the covers and then folding in the first page at a right angle.

Reader's Digest Christmas tree 02

Next, fold the page again, making more of a 45 degree angle.

Reader's Digest Christmas tree 03

Then, flip that page to the right and make one last fold, evening out the bottom of the folded page with the rest of the magazine.

Reader's Digest Christmas tree 04

Repeat these same steps on every page of the magazine until you have a Christmas tree.

Reader's Digest Christmas tree 05

Reader's Digest Christmas tree 06

Recycled Magazine Ornament

Recycled magazine ornament 01

This one is just as simple as it looks. To make the ornament, you’ll need the following supplies: a magazine, a clear glass or plastic ornament, scissors and a pencil.

Recycled magazine ornament 02

To make this festive ornament, first cut the magazine page into long strips. Then curl each strip around a pencil to make a pile of curled paper.

Recycled magazine ornament 03

Recycled magazine ornament 04

Next, stuff the ornament full of the curled magazine strips and replace the top. Your ornament is finished!

Recycled magazine ornament 05

Elaborate (Looking) Envelopes

Elaborate looking envelopes 01

These envelopes are super easy and so much fun to make and send! You’ll need the following: a magazine, an envelope the same size as the envelope you want to make, scissors and a glue stick.

Elaborate looking envelopes 02

First, unfold the envelope being careful not to rip it where it was glued. Then, place the unfolded envelope on top of a magazine page and cut around it.

Elaborate looking envelopes 03

Once you have your shape cut, refold the magazine shape back into an envelope and glue at the seams with the glue stick. Now you have a personalized envelope for sending cards or organizing around the house.

Elaborate looking envelopes 04

Magnet Tutorial

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