5 Helpful Uses for Beer That Don’t Include Drinking It

every_day_with_rachael_ray_magazine_subscription_august2011.jpgEven if you don’t like beer, you could benefit from a cold one–and you don’t even have to drink it (unless, of course, you want to), according to Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine‘s August issue.

Turns out, the bottled (or canned) beverage can serve as a (nearly) all-purpose kitchen cleaner, a beauty booster and a sleep aid (sans hangover). The article in the latest issue titled “10 Who-Knew Uses For Beer (Besides Drinking It!)” details how a six-pack could come in handy. Without divulging all the secrets, here are the five that caught my eye.

1. Use it to prevent pests. Whether in your garden or at an outdoor party, jars and bowls filled with a little ale help keep insects, including wasps and bees, at bay. Helpful hint: Be sure your guests know so they don’t inadvertently slip a sip.

2. Use it to get shiny hair. Rather than toss out that flat beer in the fridge, mix it with one egg yolk and massage it into your tresses. Let it set for a few minutes, then shampoo as usual and voila, a shiny new ‘do.

3. Use it to sleep better. Simply wash pillowcases in water spiked with beer. Hops contain a chemical compound called dimethylvinyl carbinol that helps calm and relax. Helpful hint: For a light nutty scent, India pale ales (IPAs) are recommended.

4. Use it to soothe tired feet. Soak your soles in a half-and-half mixture of room-temperature beer and warm peppermint tea for about 20 minutes. Enzymes in beer help soften calluses and the mint makes feet feel cool and refreshed.

5. Use it to clean cast iron (and season it too). This one has a two-fold benefit. Adding beer to a cast iron pan (while still warm) helps keep residue from sticking, making cleanup a little easier–and can act as a flavor-enhancer for foods cooked in it later.

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