Costume Tutorial

5 Halloween Costumes From a Bandana, a Marker and a Belt

Costume TutorialHalloween is tomorrow, and whether you’re headed to a work costume party or just handing out candy at home, here are five costumes you can piece together from three versatile household items.

Halloween can be an awkward holiday for women when it comes to adult costumes, especially at work-related parties. It can be hard to maintain that professional vibe while also letting yourself be creative.

If you don’t want to look like a curmudgeon this year but also don’t want to be the only person who went over the top, here are five costumes that require no purchase and provide just the right amount of festivity. All you need are three basic things – a bandana, a (washable) marker and a belt – and you’ll be on your way.

1. A Pirate: Wrap the bandana around your head, tying it at the side to give it that signature pirate look. Throw on brown pants and a white or cream shirt (long-sleeved, flowing shirts work best). Then take the belt and wrap it around your waist to cinch the shirt. Take the marker and be creative, drawing a patch on your eye or a creative mustache and voila – all you’ll have to do then is perfect your pirate voice and tell everyone you meet to walk the plank!

2. A Hippie: There are several ways to tie a bandana to make yourself look like a hippie. You can either lay it out like a diamond, fold it in half and then wear it over your hair, tying the corners together, or you can continue folding until it’s folded into a headband. Wear a bright floral shirt or a flowing shirt (if you’re not using it for your pirate costume) and the most belled pants you have, tie your belt around your waist and draw a peace sign on your cheek or on your arm like a tattoo. Don’t you just feel the love with this one?

3. A Girl from the ’50s: To pull off this look, wear straight-legged jeans and white shoes if you have them. Put on a plain colored, short sleeved shirt and tie your bandana in a clean knot around your neck. Tuck the shirt into your jeans and wear the belt neatly.  Put your hair in a side ponytail if you can and use the marker to draw cat-eye eyeliner on your eyes.

4. A Gypsy: Wear your hair down and add curls if you can. Tie the bandana just like you did for the pirate, where the knot is on the side of your head. Wear a long skirt and a flowing shirt if you have them. Loosen up your belt and let it hang around your waist over your skirt to give it more of a Bohemian look. If you have gold jewelry or hoop earrings, wear them. You don’t need the marker on this one, unless you’re super creative and want to draw on some gypsy jewelry.

5. A Bank Robber: For this one, wear the banana over your mouth like a bandit, color a black mask over your eyes with the marker and wear all black. Take your belt and sling it over one shoulder to make yourself look a little more like a nomadic highwayman (or woman).