5 February Food Magazine Covers and How Much I Love Them (or Don’t)

msliving_feb2011.jpgAs expected this month, all things chocolate and romance took center stage on February magazine covers, but they didn’t all give me butterflies. A surprising number celebrated just about everything else–like burgers and chicken pot pie–with just a nod to Valentine’s Day and teasers for gift-giving strategies for the one you love.

Of the five who paid homage to the occasion’s accoutrements, here’s how they rank with me.

Martha Stewart Living magazine, February 2011: Once again, Martha sweeps me off my feet and with a cover just as simple as a bowl of vanilla ice cream drizzled in chocolate against a pink background. And as one of the very few teasers proclaims “In Love With Chocolate,” I am so in love with this cover.

Bon Appétit magazine, February 2011: So the Brown-Butter Cocoa Walnut Brownies aren’t prototypical Valentine’s fare, and instead of the usual reds and pinks, the accents are deep purple and gold. Different, yes, but I’m definitely excited about its potential.

tasteofthesouth_january-february2011.jpgVegetarian Times magazine, January/February 2011: What is it about Italian cuisine and wine that drums up ideas of romance? It could just be superficial, but whatever it is I’m falling under the spell of the Kale Lasagna Diavolo and white wine on this deep sage green cover.

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine, January/February 2011: Great looks, poor execution. Happens in relationships–and magazines. No offense, Sandy, but if just the heart-shaped Chocolate Velvet Cake topped with perfect chocolate curls and raspberries were the cover, I can only imagine what might have been.

Taste of the South magazine, February/March 2011: Then, of course, there are those matches that are as unfortunate as this combination of this Easter egg-colored palette’s bright pinks, light pinks, turquoises and even a little yellow. And no amount of the Ooey Gooey Chocolate Cake on the cover can salvage it.

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  • Summer Huggins

    I do love the colors on that Marta Stewart Living cover. Just beautiful!

    I read somewhere once that ice cream doesn’t photograph well, so food stylists use mashed potatoes instead. I’ve always wondered if that’s true…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard that too about the mashed potatoes. Heard it in a communications class once, and I think the prof had worked at an ad agency, so I believed him.