holiday pet safety photo

4 Reminders for Keeping Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

holiday pet safety photo

Photo credit: Summer Huggins

Your pets are part of the family. Keep them safe and healthy this holiday season by keeping a few tips in mind.

There’s so much going on this month as we prepare to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year. Your pets are noticing the changes in the house and in their daily routine. An odd tree is going up in the living room, new smells are coming from the kitchen, and you’re coming home later in the evenings after work, after running just one more errand.

With so much going on right now, it’s important to remind ourselves about the potential dangers for our pets that come into the house with that tree.

  1. Chocolate, onions and raisins. We all know these foods are dangerous (even deadly) to our pets, and it seems like there are more of them around the holiday table. Remember to keep such foods out of their reach, and don’t let your guests give in to those puppy-dog eyes begging at the table. Check out this full list of foods that can be dangerous to pets.
  2. Ornaments and ornament hooks. Have you ever dropped one of those decoration hooks in the carpet? They’re almost impossible to find and fish out, yet one of my cats can make quick work of running off with one. Instead of those metal hooks, this year I’m using festive red ribbon on all of my tree ornaments.
  3. Festive plants. We’ve all heard that poinsettias are poisonous to pets, but a quick search on the Internet will have you questioning that common wisdom. Some say yes; some say no. I say: Take caution with any new plants in the house. At the very least, ingesting a new, strange plant can cause an upset tummy in pets. How much extra time do you have to scrub the carpets right now?!
  4. The front door. Packages are being delivered, visitors are coming and going. Make sure your pets stay put and stay safe.

I wish you and your pets a happy and healthy holiday season and a merry Christmas! I hope they get everything they’re wishing for. Oh, and you, too!