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3 Great Magazines for Spring

Are you looking for the perfect magazine to read this spring as you lay outside in the hammock or relax on freshly cut grass? Here are three wonderful magazines you’re sure to love!

1.) Good Housekeeping

Ready to tackle your spring cleaning checklist? A subscription to Good Housekeeping will provide you with plenty of helpful tips and suggestions on how to clean and care for your house. The easy-to-read articles give plenty of advice that will help you easily master any home maintenance projects on your checklist. The magazine is filled with product reviews about household items, organizational tips, craft and decorating ideas, and renovation techniques. It’s also brimming with delectable recipes, flawless beauty and makeup tips, diet advice, and relationship and parenting columns. Good Housekeeping also contains literary pieces and essays that are sure to entertain and delight. If your ideal magazine is filled with plenty of inspiring articles about home and family, then you’re sure to love Good Housekeeping!

2.) Family Handyman

Are you a bona fide home improvement guru? Do you spend your Saturdays tinkering in your workshop? If so, you’ll enjoy a subscription to Family Handyman magazine. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can achieve your dream house through following the easy-to-understand instructions and how-to photos in each monthly issue. The magazine is filled with home improvement ideas, advice about repairs, and new product reviews. If you relish fixing up your home and redesigning individual rooms, you’ll look forward to each new issue of Family Handyman!

3.) Garden & Gun

Eager for a taste of the South? You’ll love the compelling articles and breathtaking photography in the award-winning Garden & Gun magazine. Whether you’re looking for surefire gardening tips, mouthwatering recipes, prolific interviews about noteworthy Southerners, or reviews about current books and music, you’ll enjoy Garden & Gun magazine. The special issues are dedicated to subjects such as “Southern Food,” “Southern Style,” and “Southern Homes,” so you can enjoy the South all year long. Although the magazine focuses on Southern living, it is incredibly popular all throughout the United States.  If you love gardening, cooking, or decorating, you’ll enjoy this Southern-inspired magazine.