10 Best Magazines for Summer Reading

best magazines for summer reading

What’s on your reading list this summer? Get the scoop on the 10 best magazines for summer reading right here!

You’ve probably got a pile of books and magazines stacked on your nightstand that’s starting to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You’ve been hoping to get to them all year, but haven’t had the time.

Even though work, family life and endless to do lists keep you busy, the good news is that summer is right around the corner! That means more time for you to relax and get caught up on the best magazines for summer reading!

For the Chef


Do you love to travel but live to eat? Food & Wine is a magazine for foodies who have a taste for luxury, international cuisine and fine dining tips. Read about elegant dining and entertaining opportunities around the world from this International Association of Culinary Professionals Award winner and recent finalist for Publication of the Year.

For the Entertainer


Are you a trendsetter who loves pop culture? Rolling Stone is your source for the latest news in music, movies, TV, and politics, including interviews with influential people, reviews, and in-depth coverage of current issues in entertainment and government.

For the Everyday Hero


Do you love real-life stories far from celebrity hype and pessimism? Reader’s Digest is a family-friendly magazine that delivers feel-good, personal stories about inspirational moments from amazing people just like you. Meaningful content, which includes useful life tips and many heartwarming articles, offers readers high-quality reading material that fits into any busy schedule.

For the Funny Bone


Do you love to laugh? Readers with a great sense of humor who enjoy satires and parodies would love a subscription to MAD Magazine! What started as a comic book in the 1950s has evolved into one of the funniest comics poking fun at pop culture, celebrities and political figures with a smart and sarcastic twist.

For the Native New Yorker


Do you enjoy witty essays and political commentary? The New Yorker is a respected literary magazine that offers thought-provoking articles and commentary on arts and culture, politics, and world affairs. It also features opinion columns, reviews, poetry, and satirical cartoons.

For the Private Eye


Do you love to read stories full of suspense and drama? Even the pickiest sleuth will love the original mastermind of collectible short stories: Alfred Hitchcock Mystery. Since 1956, this literary magazine has featured award-winning detective tales and many other genres of mystery stories. You’ll also find puzzles and contests in each issue!

For the Sophisticate


Are you passionate about style? Find out about all the fashion, beauty and culture that matters in Vanity Fair. Over the last century, the magazine has become iconic for publishing sophisticated style and beauty trends; fiction and non-fiction; insightful profiles; features on society, business, politics, crime and current events; and other contemporary cultural issues.

For the Taste-Maker


Do you love celebrity fashion and drama? Perfect for a quick, easy, and entertaining read, US Weekly covers the hottest celebrity news, relationship advice and more. Read about the romantic rendezvous of Hollywood stars and their juicy breakups. Soak up short reviews of must-have books for more summer reading, preview sizzling summer movies, and indulge in the latest buzz in beauty, including the best fashion do’s and don’ts.

For the Traveler


Do you dream of a great American summer vacation, or the perfect global getaway? Let Travel + Leisure be your summer reading companion as you plan your next trip! The magazine is filled with colorful photos of scenic destinations, immersive stories about local cultures from around the world, and useful travel advice on hotels and restaurants.

For the Worker Bee


Do you need a staycation? If you can’t get away from work long enough to take a summer vacation, express your artistic skills with an adult coloring book! Calm Color Create contains elegant, beautiful black and white designs that promote relaxation and focus. You’ll find exotic patterns, flowery prints, animal designs and more. Use colored pencils or markers to activate the left and right hemispheres of your brain, supporting concentration and a calm mood. Coloring makes a wonderful family activity, too, especially for parents and teens! Add some Zen to your life today, and subscribe to Calm Color Create.

Get More Magazines!

When the sun is out, it’s the perfect time to lounge in your favorite hammock or porch swing, grab a refreshing glass of sweet tea or wine, kick up your feet, and take a few hours to catch up on some fun summer reading!

Whatever your schedule or interests may be, we offer magazine subscriptions that fit every lifestyle! Browse our wide selection of magazines for women, magazines for men, magazines for teens, magazines for kids and magazines for preschoolers today! Also be sure to check our Deals page for current specials and discounts of up to 94% savings off some of our best selling magazines!

What magazines will you be reading this summer? Share your favorites in the comments below!